Platberg Mountain and Harrismith is right in the middle from Johannesburg, Durban

and Bloemfontein so that makes this race the perfect getaway for the weekend to enjoy

the beautiful view of the Drakensberg mountain and at some points in the distance,

Sterkfontein dam.

The route will be everything you can think of.  It has jeep track, single track, technical climbing and descending. It also has two water points.  Be prepared for the descent home!

GPS Tracked!

The route is a much friendlier route for the mtb’er that is starting off.  It  consists of some jeep track, a water point and some very nice single track descending home!
The casual route will be fun for old and young with mostly jeep track and little single track.

50 Km

25 Km

10 Km

25 Km 50 Km

Available Tracks

Some of our winners